Should you still use Adelaide taxi services or an Uber?

Many people in Adelaide have used traditional taxi services for decades.

However with the introduction of Uber, have you changed your mind about how you want to travel?

Depending on your needs, different types of Adelaide taxi services will suit different people so we look at both options and consider what they have to offer.

Finding a Taxi

Traditional services generally require you to call a central number who will then give you an estimated waiting time and dispatch a driver to you.

Alternatively, you may be able to simply hail a driver on the street as and when they pass you – this can be easy during a quiet, sunny morning yet gets increasingly difficult at busy times or in bad weather.

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With Uber however, the system is different. As a phone app, you’ll have downloaded it prior to use and will simply log on as and when you need your cab.

You’ll be able to see how many cars are in the area and how much your estimated fare will be. Once the driver arrives, he’ll know where you want to go.

Your driver

Traditional services generally offer professional drivers who can often be friendly and knowledgeable.

Many people like the personal touch of a taxi driver who they have hailed on the street and who will generally know the area they drive pretty well. On the other hand, traditional taxi drivers are rarely rated therefore have no incentive to provide good customer service.

Uber works differently – with a huge emphasis on the rating of both the driver and the customer. Drivers have an incentive to get a good rating and customers are able to vet the driver in advance of the journey.

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Paying for your taxi

It can be a drawback to traditional services always having to carry either cash or a debit card with you. In addition to this, many people using taxis for business purposes will need to request a paper receipt which they then need to keep and file through expenses.

Uber has scrapped traditional payment methods and introduced a system where it is entirely charged to your pre entered card details which are kept in their system meaning that there is no money exchanged directly between you and the driver.

You can also split bills with your friends if they use Uber too meaning no more scrabbling about for loose change or paying people back. After your journey, your receipt and a map of your journey will be emailed to you. 

Decisions decisions

There are pros and cons to both systems and ultimately it depends on how you operate as to which taxi service suits you better.

If you’re into technology and always have your phone at hand, Uber is a very simple and easy to use app. However if you like the personal touch and prefer to keep things local, Adelaide taxi services could be your best option.

Best Adelaide taxi service I’ve come across

In my opinion, the best of the bunch would be Suburban taxis who are a local owned company.