10 Reasons to Still Use a Taxi

Taxis have been used for many decades in cities and towns around Australia.

Whether it’s bringing you home in the early hours of the morning, delivering you to the airport on time, or simply picking you up when it starts to rain and you’re stranded on the streets, taxis have a vital part to play in the infrastructure of any urban area.


Still not convinced?

These are my 10 top reasons to still use a taxi: 

1. Finding your way

Taxi drivers generally know the areas in which they drive like the back of their hand.

They will be able to deliver you quickly and efficiently to your destination leaving you without the stress of having to worry about directions or bothering with maps or GPS.

2. Airport Drop offs

One of the easiest ways to get to any airport is generally by taxi. If you want to avoid expensive car parks, or are abroad and haven’t hired a car, just call a taxi and they’ll drop you off right outside the Departures area.

Here’s a quick video showing how to catch a cab:

3. Fuel Efficiency

Most taxis are now fuel efficient vehicles, meaning that you can have a clear conscience about the effect of your journey on the environment. You’ll also be likely to go the most direct route therefore saving on petrol emissions.

4. Sharing Journeys

By opting to take a taxi, you may be able to share your journey far easier with friends or family meaning that you save on car journeys and help the environment – everybody wins, and you can all split the cost!

5. Fully Insured

Licensed taxi drivers should always be fully insured for their vehicle and their passengers.

You won’t have to worry about being covered in the event of an accident or deal with any of the administrative paper work involved in insurance policies connected with owning a car.

6. No parking required

If you work in a busy city but are constantly moving around, taxis really are the best option.

You won’t even have to think about where to leave your car, filling up a parking metre or ensuring that you rush back to a car park before your time expires.

7. Wheelchair Friendly taxis

If you are in a wheelchair, there may be a number of taxis on offer that will be able to accommodate your needs and transport you to your destination.

This could save you potentially difficult journeys or from having to consider purchasing a wheelchair friendly car.

8. Alcohol Allowed

If you’re out at a party or the pub and you want to have a couple of extra drinks, you can simply call a taxi to get you home – and if you’re with friends, you can share the ride.

9. Larger taxis

Many taxi firms also offer minivans or larger taxis for bigger groups.

This can be an excellent option if a number of you and friends or family are travelling at one time when you would otherwise be required to pay for several sets of fuel, parking and car upkeep.

10. Pay and Go

Once you’ve paid for your taxi journey, that’s it – you’re free to go. Taxis mean minimal commitment, no maintenance in terms of paying to keep a car and simply paying as and when you use them!

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